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Pitch Less, Win More: A Freelancers Guide

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You send the pitch over, confident you’ve nailed it. A day goes by. Then another. And another. That voice inside your head, the one you know is right however much you hate it, tells you, “You didn’t get this one. Better luck next time.”

Two followups and a phone call later you confirm it anyways.

What happened?

Poor Pitch Language

Just as body language communicates a large portion of your message, your ‘pitch language’ can either draw people in — or tune them out. See if you recognize any of these pitch faux-pas:

A Standardized Pitch

As freelancers there’s a strong pull towards pitching everyone and everything — all the time. It’s part of what makes us great entrepreneurs. However this becomes a liability when you fail to tailor each pitch to the person reading it. It becomes spam.

Instead, challenge yourself to spend the same time pitching 1 client as you would 3.

Do extra research. See if they have any relevant blogs, personal projects, or past professional projects — and incorporate that knowledge throughout your pitch. They’ll notice.

Pitching As If You’ll Lose

After sending out dozens of pitches (with little or no success) you stop going the extra mile because there’s too much competition. Prices are too low. Plus, you’re the last one to be selected to pitch anyways right? And if you’re being brutally honest, you expect to lose — which in turn virtually guarantees you do. It’s a vicious cycle.

Instead, simply try the opposite: expect to win.

You’ll find yourself more selective about your clients, pitching more enthusiastically, and with more commitment. In short, these intangibles will permeate your pitch, and pique the interest of your target client.

Forgetting About the Relationship

Not all pitches win the first time around. But! Instead of packing up and going home, use that correspondence (and time you’ve invested) to develop a relationship with your target client.

Just imagine: what if everyone you’ve ever pitched became a personal contact that could vouch for your hard work — even if you never had the chance to work with them?

Pitch Less, Win More

Someone is out there pitching directly to the individual you want to reach. They’ve done their homework, put hours and hours personalizing and perfecting their pitch, and damn — of course they got it. That person may as well be you.

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