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Top 3 Ways Video Content Could Embarrass You and Your Company

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 | No Comments

What do Pinterest and Video Content have in common?

Pinterest - Nailed It!

They both make things look a whole lot easier than they really are.

These days you can rent a pro-grade camera, supporting equipment, lighting, and audio gear for a basic promo video for under $500. That’s right! $500. Then to keep things on a budget you can put Joe, the intern who loves film and has really great GoPro home videos and can totally do this, on the job because he’s, well, free. Unfortunately, Joe is actually about to cost you – big time.

1. Poor Quality

But…didn’t you just say we’re going to be using pro-grade equipment? Yep, you got me – but what do you think would happen if I gave Joe a top-of-the-line paint brush and told him to replicate Van Gogh?

Professionals spent a lot of time learning how to properly put that equipment to good use. For example, knowing how to hide a subjects flaws through proper lighting and camera placement, or putting the subject at ease so you can get the best out of them are crucial skills.

Skills poor Joe isn’t even aware he’s lacking.

2. Unclear Messaging

You know that guy who rambles on and on and on, and for gods sake can he please just get to the point already (IS there a point)? In video, there’s not one but three ways to fall into this trap: story preparation, on-camera direction (you’re comfortable on camera right?), and editing.

Carefully navigating these areas will ensure your production stays on time, on budget, and your finished film matches very closely with what you envisioned in the first place.

But Joe’s got this. Take 13 – ACTION!

3. You Have to Redo It – And Pay the Price (Again)

Now that Joe clearly didn’t have this (and the person speaking looks absolutely awful and won’t return your emails), you’re back to square one – but with the added bonus of a few sunk costs. For starters, that $500 is well and gone – but hey, it’s $500. You can live with that.

But now add in the time you took important people off their work – and the fact that you’re going to have to ask them to do it again for the ‘real’ one. And then, worst of all, your boss loses trust in your ability to manage projects, and promptly starts to micromanage you with your other projects too.

And no, you can’t fire Joe.

Avoid Looking Stupid

All your hard work, planning, convincing people that this video would be a huge step forward for your marketing – gone. Credibility? Out the window. And worse, your competitors video stares you in the face looking so clean, so effortless – like a child could do it. Like Joe could do it.

You suddenly throw your fists towards the sky, lamenting, “Where did it all go wrong?! WHY?”

Don’t let this be you.

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