Karl Stelter Studios Branded Video Content that Works

Where Film Meets Function


As a Los Angeles based video production studio, we focus on connecting to your audiences with branded video content and commercials with a genuine story.


Areas of Expertise

  • Branded Video Content
  • Social Media Videos (IG, FB)
  • Commercial Spots
  • Scripted Content
  • Corporate Testimonials, Tutorials

I believe in one thing above all: “Dream big – otherwise you’re just sleeping.”

When a film dares to dance with a universal truth, it is indescribably powerful and profound. The credits roll and your seat creaks softly as you lean back, and you wonder.

You wonder about life, about what you’re supposed to do, about the perspective presented. You take time to consider the ‘big questions’. To re-evaluate. To learn. To connect.

And sometimes, if done just right, film becomes transformative.

I didn’t move to Los Angeles to make films. I didn’t give up a great job to pursue a passion. I moved because I wanted to be moved — and I wanted to share that with other people.

This is why I founded Karl Stelter Studios.

If you connect with this, regardless of your video needs, I’d love to connect with you.