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Run For Your Life

Brief: Based on a true story, Jess sprints through the dead of the night to connect to life – revealing a much deeper issue.

Created to raise awareness of self-harm, Run For Your Life demonstrates that, no matter the medium, connecting physical pain with emotional pain is a cry for help. Learn what to look for, and how to listen below.

Educate Yourself: What to look for isn’t always what you’d think.

Part I - Inspiration: How I was compelled to create this.
Part II - Challenges: Dare to talk. Dare to listen.
Part III - Script Breakdown: Choosing words carefully.

Produced, Directed, and Edited: Karl Stelter.

Actress: Lelia Symington
Cinematography: Franck Tabouring
Score: Arthur Braitsch
Sound + SFX: Brandon Cudequest
Post-Color: James Knott