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Soul Searching | New Zealand

Coming to New Zealand, I was burned out. Like, ‘blackened campfire oatmeal that was forgotten on the fire while everyone else busted out some beers’ burned out.

So I took a risk, and shut everything down.

No work. No phones. Nothing but a chance to absorb life. I dared myself to be bored at airports. To watch and listen instead of seeking endless engagement.

And I wrote a simple poem to remind myself just how much else is out there – if I only take the time to look.

I hope it resonates with you.

“You’re searching for a dream,
Long lost in the catacombs of consciousness.

Your mind races through the sun and the clouds.
Your feet pace across unspoiled grounds.

And in time, you see it. More, you feel it.
Nature’s blank canvas has set you free.”

Locations in New Zealand:
0.0 Queenstown ~7p NZ Summertime
0.4 Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Pools: Champaign Pool
0.7 Milford Sound: Walking Trail
0.9 Queenstown: Lake Wakatipu
0.11 Glenorchy Bridge AKA Isengarde
0.15 Kawarau River a few miles east of Queenstown
0.16 Milford Sound: Walking Trail
0.19 Milford Sound: Helicopter entrance path
0.24 Milford Sound: Coastline near Pembroke Mountain
0.26 Queenstown ~10p NZ Summertime